Sunday, June 8, 2014

Diguisit Falls and Rock Formations

Coming from Ermita Hill, Diguisit Falls(located at Sitio Diguisit, Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora), is just a few minutes away. It is really accessible and is just beside the road that you will passed by going to the Diguisit Beach.

Nothing special with the Diguisit Falls, its just a quick stop from the road before going to Dicasalarin Cove. You can park your car along the side of the road then, you can take a dip into its cold waters.

They said that there are two type of Diguisit Falls, the first one is the larger one and the other is a bit small. It differentiates on the flow of the waters. 

Our guide made it just peanuts. He helped each one of us hand in hand to get near the falls so we made it a lot easier to hike.

Climbing up is just 5 minutes more or less to the lowest level of the falls, but we have to be careful as some of the rocks are kinda steep and slippery wet. There is no established trail so extra careful is needed to test if the rocks you are stepping to is a bit stable.

Diguisit Falls doesn't have crystal clear waters on its basin. It has a murky waters that is surrounded by a few greens on the area. We just stayed here for a quick 10-15 minutes. And off we go to the nearest Diguisit beach.

Arriving at the Diguisit Beach we were initially asked for an entrance fee of P20 pesos per head. This is a white-sand beach as per our guide, but the sand itself looks like a man made one, it is rocky and not fine white sand - yellowish white rather.

Looking at the view from the beach, you will be welcomed by the wide Baler Bay. Also the stunning rock formations which are the Aniao Islets.

You can see those crashing waves on to the rock formations of Aniao Islets & Lukso Lukso Islets. Well it challenged mostly those climbers who dare to cross the rock formations.

Few more photo ops and then we head to our next destination before the sunset - Dicasalarin Cove. 

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